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Breaking the Code

My very own QR

My very own QR

Black and white is hot this fall. I learned this from Bill Cunningham’s video journal from fashion week in Paris, where unseasonably hot and humid weather during la rentrée had the likes of Anna Wintour stripping down to their $500 T-shirts.

Closer to home, I’ve spotted a more affordable black and white trend this fall: QR (quick response) codes. Like bar codes on a bad hair day, these little square patterns are this year’s must-have accessory. Once you’ve trained your eye to look for QRs, you’ll start to notice them all over the place. The staid bar code is so “out,” as Heidi Klum would say; QR codes are the future of advertising and promotion. That’s what fashion-forward marketers would like us to think, at least. Continue reading ‘Breaking the Code’

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