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On This Day in…

Along with reminders about friends’ birthdays, upcoming events, suggestions for people to friend and pages to like and, of course, sponsored ads, Facebook’s marginalia now includes a category entitled, “On This Day in 2010” that displays flotsam and jetsam plucked from the sea of our own posts exactly one year prior. My friends’ “Previous Status Updates” are salvaged in the same screen area, though there doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to their selection, chronological or otherwise. Long-forgotten posts wash in with the tide like messages in a bottle.

I try to tune out the auto-generated noise on Facebook’s right side, so I didn’t notice when this insidious memory aid made its unheralded debut – when it comes to inventing new ways to mine our personal data, Facebook reserves the pre-modern woman’s prerogative to change her mind; by this day next year, this retrospective rubric may well be ancient history in social media terms. In the meantime, it underscores the irony of archiving our Facebook ephemera. Continue reading ‘On This Day in…’

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