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You and your sister are trying not to look like tourists as you stroll down Melrose Avenue, toward the Urth Caffe. The Southern California sun has made you thirsty, and you are approaching a prime celebrity watering hole. Scanning the sidewalk crowd, you wonder: is that Robert Pattinson smoking at one of the sidewalk tables? Could the petite blond be Reese Witherspoon ordering a post-yoga smoothie? 

And then, from a few feet behind, you hear, “Wait. Stop a second. Let me just take a quick photo.” You are caught in the hunter’s cross hairs.

Rolling your heavily-lined eyes, you pause, pivot a slimming quarter turn, tilt your head just so, and smile for the camera — but not with your eyes, as Tyra Banks of America’s Next Top Model would be quick to detect. It’s hard to shake Mamarazzi.

No one can embarrass you like your mother, especially when she’s armed with a digital SLR, stalking you like a celebrity. Continue reading ‘Mamarazzi’


You Go, Girl!

On the second anniversary of my mother’s death, I am posting a piece I wrote in 2006. It doesn’t have anything to do with E.B. White, but I think both he and Mom would appreciate that I spent an evening revising it, “omitting a few needless words” from the original version.

There’s a first time for everything. In my mother’s case it is attending her first rock concert at the age of 89. “Rock” as in Bonnie Raitt, not Guns N’ Roses. Let’s not split hairs here – this will be Mom’s first concert not involving a symphony orchestra or a big band.

Mom’s giddy anticipation has dominated our every phone conversation for the two months since I surprised her with the tickets and one of Bonnie’s CDs as an 89th birthday present. The birthday read, “You’re just a young person that a lot has happened to.” I fly in for the concert from my home near Boston, bringing backstage passes secured by my husband, an old friend of Bonnie’s from her time at Harvard in the late ’60s. Continue reading ‘You Go, Girl!’

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